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Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Located in the rolling hills of Coshocton County, Ohio, Darr Farms, LLC is a vastly diversified farming operation. While grain production is at the core of our existence, we also excel in many other facets of agriculture. Darr Farms, LLC is also recognized for growing quality pumpkins, bulk and bagged ear corn, and straw that are distrbuted over much of the eastern United States. Sand is now being bagged in 40 pound double stitched bags as well, predominaty for the use in the Oil and Gas Pipeline Industry. We are a custom grower of sweet corn in central Ohio. In addition, we warehouse and repack watermelons for U.S. Growers.

Pioneer Seed and Precision Planting affiliations round out the portfolio of goods available through Darr Farms, LLC.

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